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Compass The ASO League is an annual competition open to any school or youth group. It is a series of 8 Sunday morning orienteering races held throughout the year in which competitors score points for themselves and for their schools.

MapOrienteering is an exciting sport which provides a tough mental and physical challenge to the competitor as they use a map to race around an unknown area of forest or moorland. The sport is perfect for people of all fitness levels as you can compete at your own pace. It is a great way to explore the countryside and to learn map-reading and decision-making skills.

New for 2016! - The ASO Parents League Scores are on the Scores page

SI CardThrough the ASO League you can find out more about your local orienteering club and take part in national competitions like the British Schools Championships. From there, who knows where it might take you!?

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Gordano Sprint
Final scores are now posted for yesterday’s Gordano Sprint with everyone’s times allocated into their school year competitions.

As the planner, I hope you enjoyed your two races. The Sprint format is especially tricky for the younger age classes, as it’s not possible to plan their courses to a true White Standard. Watching Years 5 & 6 runners in mid-course, the difference between those who were able and weren’t able to extract information from their map and recognise the buildings around them, was very obvious! Gordano is a small but quite intricate site and it was pleasing to find that even the very experienced SW Junior Squad runners in Years 10-13 were caught out occasionally.

Thank you to all who helped – parking, marshalling, registration, start, download – you know who you are and without you the event wouldn’t have been possible. It’s easy to overlook the amount of preparation, help and manpower that goes into making an enjoyable race that runs smoothly!

With one race to go, only a few individual winners are yet confirmed, so there will be lots to play for at Burrington on April 17th .
13 Mar 2016

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